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Month: September 2017

Times Table Rock Stars

Today we introduced ourselves to Times Tables Rock Stars by learning how to find the site, typing in our unique username and entering our individual passwords.

We had to choose our Rock Star name and design our avatar.

We had a quick explore of the site and tomorrow we will have our first Times Table Rock Stars homework.

For the first few weeks, Year 2 will be practising the two times table.  I’ve asked them to complete 20 games over the five day window, and will check who has completed their challenge each Wednesday.

Playing earns coins which can be used to buy your avatar new outfits, hairstyles and instruments.

Look out for the information in your child’s Homework Folder tomorrow night.

Any problems, drop into school and we will help!

What we’re reading…

We know some traditional tales with a wolf… and we’ve read a story about an enormous turnip… but we’ve never read a story where the two come together!

For our first text, we are reading Mr Wolf and the Enormous Turnip by Jan Fearnley.

We’re exploring statement sentences, making sure we use a capital letter at the beginning and sentence punctuation at the end of each sentence.

We have been using the joining word ‘because’ to give a reason and we have also been exploring the impact of using carefully selected adjectives.

Our spelling work has linked closely as we have been generating adjectives with an -er or -est suffix.

We have been using evidence from the text to support our predictions about character and plot.

Ask your child to tell you what’s happened so far!

Investigating Bonds and Related Facts

We have been exploring bonds to ten and using this knowledge to find related facts to 20.

We have used practical equipment to separate whole numbers into parts.  We are recording our findings in different ways.

Super work, Year 2!

Exploring numbers to 100

We have been using Base Ten equipment to learn about numbers to 100.


Physical Literacy

Today we had a very special PE session – Mr McGregor came with Blackburn Rovers staff to lead a Physical Literacy session!

We had to:

  • run as fast as we could between cones
  • jump as far as we could and land on two feet
  • throw a ball against the wall and catch it when it bounced off

It was really good fun!



Inspiring our Writing

We have been thinking about writing and punctuating statement sentences.

Year 2 discussed their amazing ideas with their new Talk Partners and used a range of atlases, maps and globes to inspire a piece of writing about a place in the world they would like to visit.

Welcome to Year 2!

I’ve heard that Mrs Foster, Mrs Clarkson and Miss Williams have enjoyed a lovely first day with the new Year 2! The children have returned from their summer break full of enthusiasm and ready to learn. I’m really looking forward to seeing them tomorrow morning and beginning a wonderful, exciting and busy year!

Miss Heaton

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