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Month: May 2017

A Career in Weather Forecasting

To complete our learning about climate and weather we had a special visit from Mrs Hignett who was a meteorologist and oceanologist in the Royal Navy for fifteen years.

She told Year 2 about her job and why it is important for the Royal Navy to have accurate weather forecasts.

She showed us her medals, uniform, text books and photos.

We worked in pairs to write a weather forecast for the UK, using the correct terminology and weather symbols.

It was a great afternoon – thank you Mrs Hignett!

Duplication Drawing

In preparation for our Art Day and Art Gallery work, we have begun to develop our observation skills and have practised drawing by duplicating intricate patterns.


Learning About Climate

Part 1

We discovered how different weather instruments can provide us with information about the weather.  We discussed the climate in the UK and compared it with locations near the equator and further away from the equator.  Then we discussed the places in the world we had visited and used Google Earth to look at them.  We found that the images provided us with clues about the climate in the different locations.

We used atlases and globes to help us decide which other places we could explore virtually.  We also had a lot of fun looking at aerial views of school and we used our addresses to find our houses!

Part 2

On Friday, we continued learning about climate and solved a suitcase problem!  We looked at the contents of six suitcases and had to use our knowledge of climate to work out which destinations the suitcases were suitable for.


Grow a Sunflower

Last week, every child in school planted a sunflower seed.  We are going to see who can grow the tallest sunflower!  Year 2 learnt about what plants need to grow.  They planted the seeds and watered them well.  We’ve left them in our Investigation Station, close to a window, so that they get plenty of light.

Monday 8th May

We returned to school after the weekend and discovered that the seeds had begun to germinate and we had some shoots.  We looked closely and could see the broken seed shell.

Wednesday 10th May

What a difference two days have made!  Our sunflower shoots are getting really tall.  We’re just waiting for three children’s seeds to germinate!

 Friday 12th May

We decided our sunflowers needed some support to help them grow tall and strong.  They were starting to get a bit floppy!

We planted new seeds for the three children whose last seed hadn’t successfully germinated.

Can you tell the time?

In Year 2, we are learning to tell the time to the four quarters.  Some children are also learning to tell the time to the nearest five minutes.  We are writing the time in words and drawing the hands on analogue clocks.

There are lots of great games on the internet – maybe you could play some at home!


All the better to EAT YOU WITH!

We have started to read Little Red Riding Hood by Lari Don.  The book is beautifully illustrated by Celia Chauffrey and also comes with an audio book, narrated by Imelda Staunton.

We will be using the text to study different sentence types and to secure our use of capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks.

We will be analysing the author’s choice of nouns and adjectives and revising how noun phrases are used for description and specification.

Mrs Clarkson has brought in a large collection of traditional tales, so we are enjoying being able to read the range of  stories whilst also analysing the features of the genre.

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