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Month: March 2017

It’s already the end of Spring Term!

What a busy term we’ve had!  

I’ve just written an exclamation sentence…we’ve just started to learn about them and have begun to write our own.

  • An exclamation sentence must open with ‘How’ or ‘What’
  • It must contain a verb
  • It is punctuated with an exclamation mark

Examples of exclamation sentences include:

  • How kind of him to do that!
  • What a silly thing to say!
  • What big ears you have!
  • How lucky we were!
  • What a dangerous mountain to climb!

On the last day of term, we had a Show and Tell session.

We enjoyed a range of Easter activities, including:  making Easter wreaths, using chocolate and cornflakes to make Easter nests and making Easter baskets.

Next term, we will be preparing for our tests.  We hope the pack of sample papers we sent home last week is proving useful.

We will also be learning about the weather through our new topic, Weather Watchers.  For their homework, your child has been asked to keep a simple weather diary for at least three days.

We hope you have a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 18th April.

Miss Capper, Mrs Foster and Mrs Clarkson

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The Queen’s Orang-utan

What would it be like to be a monarch?

How would you spend your days in a luxurious palace?

Would you get tired and bored with life in the limelight?

As King or Queen, what would be your birthday wish?

We are reading The Queen’s Orang-utan by David Walliams…and everything’s about to go BANANAS!

This picture book is beautifully illustrated by our favourite author, Tony Ross.

The story features lots of ‘real-life’ characters, so we have been using the internet as a research tool to learn more about Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family.


Money, Money, Money!

This week our Maths work has a money focus.

On Tuesday, we were very excited to learn about the new £1 coin that had just been brought into circulation.  Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a real one yet!

We have been:

  • identifying, comparing and ordering coins and notes
  • counting coins to find totals
  • making totals
  • working out correct change
  • solving a variety of Easter themed word problems

Maybe over the Easter break, you could encourage your child to use coins in a real life shopping situation.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I think we’re going to have some very happy mums and carers this Mothering Sunday!


Collecting and Analysing Data

We have started to learn about how to collect data and present it in ways that are easy to interpret.

We started by asking ‘How did you travel to school today?’

We all wrote our responses on a post it note and then we organised the data so that it was easy to interpret.

During our next session, we surveyed each member of the class to find out about our favourite fruits.  We gathered the information in a table and then calculated the frequency for each choice.

We answered questions about the data, finding the most popular and least popular fruits.

Each child then worked to create a pictogram to represent the data.

PE with Hannah

This half term, Year 2 are enjoying a series of PE sessions on Wednesday afternoons.  They are led by a specialist teacher called Hannah.

The sessions are really active and lots of fun!  Year 2 like to warm up with a game called ‘Dishes and Domes’.  They are learning how to control their bodies and developing physical skills for a range of games.

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