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Month: February 2017

Making Marvellous Music!

We began our new Music module by exploring tuned percussion.

Now we know how to set up the instruments and understand how they vibrate to make notes of different pitches.

The children started to work out how to play some simple songs like ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Happy Birthday’.

We learnt to sing a song called ‘Hey You!’ and began to learn about musical notation.

Then, we played our xylophones, chime bars and bells together, using the note E.

You Must Bring a Hat!

On Tuesday 21st February, we will be starting to read a new book.  It’s called You Must Bring a Hat by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley.  The story is all about a very specific invitation to a party.

Image result for you must bring a hat

To immerse the children in the new text, we will be having a ‘Celebration of Hats’.  We ask that they bring an interesting hat or headpiece to wear during our Literacy work.  It can be anything from a baseball cap to a crown, a top hat to a tiara!

It’s a wonderful story, as read by Tom Hardy on CBeebies last New Year’s Eve.

We can’t wait to start….but remember… you must bring a hat!



Spring 1 ‘Show and Tell’

In our Show and Tell session today, we looked at some amazing objects and artefacts.  The children shared memories and photos.  They displayed their hobbies, talents and interests.  We found out about their precious objects.

It was a lovely to hear each child speak with developing confidence and our listening skills were exceptional.


Compass Points

We used the playground as a resource to help us learn about the four points of the compass.

We used mnemonics to help us remember them…

Never Eat Shredded Wheat

Naughty Elephants Squirt Water

We each had a piece of chalk and a diagram of a compass.  After we’d found a space on the playground, we began to draw!

Then, we gathered together to learn about rotating in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

We made quarter turns, half turns, three quarter turns and full turns.

Estimating and Measuring Length

We went on a mission around school to find objects that were less than 1m, about 1m and greater than 1m in length.

We found that Mr Masson’s legs are about 1m long!

Lots of things in the classroom measure less than 1m.

We  went outside to look for objects that are longer than 1m and found that the netball posts were more than 1m.

What a busy week!

Our Year 2 children have worked so hard this week. Not only did they prepare for their Class Assembly, they also completed a set of very challenging assessments.

I was so proud of their performance in Celebration Assembly and it was lovely to reflect on all they have achieved in the first half of Year 2.

In recognition of all their hard work, we have decided to have a ‘Show and Tell’ session next Friday (details can be found in your child’s Homework Folder).  We will also play some games and have some party snacks.

Well done Year 2!

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