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Month: May 2016

Year 2 Tests!

Summer 1 is always such a short half term but it’s also the busiest!

Year 2 have worked so hard, preparing for their tests.

Each and every child has worked extremely hard during our test sessions, displaying confidence and maturity as they worked independently to complete some really difficult tasks.

All of the Year 2 staff along with Mrs Martin, Mr Masson, Mrs Mills and Mr Webster have been so impressed and it feels like the class are almost ready for their exciting move into Key Stage 2.

Thank you to all of our Year 2 children and their families for all your hard work.  Please make sure you have a very relaxing half term holiday and we’ll see you on Monday 6th June!

A big pat on the back and a round of applause to you all!

Miss Capper, Mrs Donohue, Mrs Clarkson and Mrs Noonan

x x x x x

Show and Tell!

Year 2 enjoyed their opportunity to share their special belongings and display their many talents during our ‘Show and Tell’ session today with Mrs Clarkson, Mrs Noonan and Mrs Sharples.

Holly and Hollie talked about being a Brownie and demonstrated the ‘recovery position’.

Dylan Mc. showed an amazing Star Wars model that had taken him ten hours to construct.

Joshua had a Power Ranger light saber and ‘The Beast’ from Dr Who.

Lottie has recently achieved her 25m swimming award!  Well done, Lottie!  She shared it in Celebration Assembly too!

Lily E shared her fabulous gymnastics club hoodie.

Lily Y and Lewis brought their Beavers uniforms and taught us the Beaver Promise.

Dylan M. had a very precious cast of his hand print from when he was a baby.

David D. must have been buying insurance because he had an Olegs the Meerkat teddy!

Jack had a box full of his special keepsakes which included hand prints, a Halloween costume and an ultrasound photo.

Joanna demonstrated a clever guessing game and chose friends to guess what she had drawn.

Mai Lan had a lovely photo from her first birthday.

Sophie told us about how she has used her own money to buy a lovely teddy bear during her holiday in Cornwall when she was five.

Shea was very knowledgeable when he talked about his Optimus Prime mask.

Ruth had a bright red dragon called Lizzy.  She was given it when she was one year old.

Charlie brought his Star Wars book.  He’s a super fan!

Ben had a brand new football which will be put to good use this half term holiday!

Sam had a special bear that was given to him when he was a baby.  It was evident that Sam’s family are very important to him.

Aimee and Lexie performed a display of gymnastics skills.

Lacey told us about going to see Ellie Goulding perform live in concert with her mum.

Mikkel had an enormous Coca-cola money box.  I wonder how much money Mikkel has saved!

Ethan has been collecting Happy Meal toys.  What’s your favourite McDonald’s treat?

Zoe had a gorgeous teddy in a wicker basket.

Lennon told us all about his trip to Disneyland, Paris.

Mrs Sharples went out to her car and brought in her E flat base brass instrument! Lacey, Lewis and Mrs Noonan had a chance to try to play it themselves!

Year 2 really enjoying sharing their experiences.  They speak confidently and listen carefully when their friends are talking.  Well done, Year 2!

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