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Month: April 2016


We wrote letters to Mrs Martin persuading her to let us have our very own caterpillars – our letters were that good that she said YES! We have been watching them grow over the past few weeks and learned all about the caterpillar’s life-cycle.  They are now cocoons and we are waiting patiently for the butterflies to emerge (we are all hoping they arrive before we finish on Friday – fingers crossed!)


Critters to you visit!

Year 2 had a lovely time when ‘Critters to you’ came to visit us.  Everyone enjoyed meeting the unusual creatures that Wayne brought to show us! We were all very brave (including the teachers) and stroked or held a leopard gecko called Spot, Charlotte the tarantula and a huge Burmese Python (we had to hold it in groups of 5 because he was so heavy!)


Parachute Games

We took advantage of a sunny day and went outside to play parachute games.  We thought about how important it is to take turns and work as part of a team.

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