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Month: February 2016

Greater than, less than or equal to?

We have been using the symbols >, < and = to compare two numbers.  Ruth and Joanna worked so quickly and put their names in the Sunshine Book.  Joshua’s work was also amazing , so he went to show Mr Webster and Year 6!

Next term, one of our learning goals  will be to use the symbols to  compare different measurements, fractions and equations!

Occupational Therapist Session

On Tuesday 23rd February, Year 2 enjoyed a range of interesting and exciting activities led by a group of Occupational Therapists from the University of Cumbria.  We learnt that we need to make sure our lives have a good balance of work, play and looking after ourselves.


Taking Pride in our Work!

This term we have been working hard to improve our handwriting and presentation.  Just look at our beautiful books!



Shape Sorting

In Maths we have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes.  We can recognise lines of symmetry in 2D shapes and have made symmetrical patterns.

We know the names of the common 2D and 3D shapes.


Science Fun!

In our Science lessons, Year 2 have been learning about living things and their habitats.  We used our fantastic outdoor environment to search for and identify living and non-living things.

Spring 1 ‘Show and Tell’

Our Show and Tell was a great success! The children spoke with confidence and listened carefully when their friends were presenting.  Here are just some of the interesting things we learnt about:

  • Aimee brought a toy penguin which linked to our current topic work about Antarctica
  • Hollie C shared an intricate Hedgehog Book Sculpture she had made at the library with her grandparents
  • Ruth had a super photo from her holiday in Turkey
  • David D introduced us to his massive teddy bear, Brian
  • Lewis shared his great grand-dad’s war medals and he told us why he was so brave
  • Sophie had a beautiful sand sculpture from Egypt
  • Mikkel presented a winter themed teddy bear he had won in a competition
  • David J shared a brilliant souvenir photo from Alton Towers
  • Joshua had a Marvel Avengers mask – we all clapped when he spoke to us through it
  • Dylan Mc showed us a fabulous game he had constructed from Lego
  • Sam had a shiny football trophy
  • Jack and his family had discovered a delicate blue-tit nest in their wood store
  •  Holly M told us that she is sending her data  to Mars on a microchip
  • Zoe brought in her dancing shoes, trophies and certificates – she shared her talent in Celebration Assembly
  • Lottie introduced us to a well-loved teddy she has had since the day she was born
  • Mai-Lan had a wonderful photo which showed her horse riding with her mum
  • Charlie had a huge medal from the Manchester Marathon
  • Joanna shared an Arctic Owl teddy which linked to our learning about cold climates
  • Lexie shared one of her favourite toys – a mermaid doll
  • Ben brought his Yoda toy and told us all about Star Wars
  • Lily E had a talking Jessie doll from Toy Story
  • Ethan had a large Luke Skywalker action figure
  • Lacey shared a collection of photos and quizzed us to see whether we could spot the difference between Lacey as a baby and images of her new baby cousin
  • Lennon told us lots of interesting facts about Darth Vader
  • Dylan M had worked with his family and used Lego to construct Kevin the Minion
  • Lily Y shared a ribbon rosette from Centre Parcs for pony trekking

We had a lovely afternoon sharing our interests and we hope to have another session next half term.

Thank you Year 2 and families for all your hard work!

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2!

Mrs Donohue and Miss Capper have been busy getting to know the Year 2 children since we joined their class in January.

Our current topic is ‘Penguins’ and we have been learning about what it is like in Antarctica.  We are reading ‘The Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out’ by Jill Tomlinson.  Otto is a penguin chick, who is learning what it means to be an Emperor Penguin in Antarctica – he has lots of questions for his adopted father, Claudius.


We have been working hard and earning lots of Dojos!  We collect Dojos for working hard, being ready to learn, having great ideas, helping others, being on task, and for the work we produce in our books and at home.  So far, our highest total has been 340 Dojos in one week!

We are really pleased that so many children are completing their weekly Homework Tasks!  Our spelling scores are excellent, and on Friday 5th February, we are also going to have a special ‘Show and Tell’ session.

Keep up the great work, Year 2!

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